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Kirsikka Vaajakallio (Diagonal) Presentation: "From Ideas to Implementation" 

Download "Challenges & Opportunities Cards" 


"Key questions from group discussion" 

Group 1 

-    How to give sponsorship for change

-    How do we convince people the measure of valuing experiences?

-    How do we create a safe environment for experimentation?

Group 2

-    Time vs ROI

Group 3

-    How do we do culture change? Case by case. One would work but not for the other

Group 4

-    How do we reframe KPIs so we can become customer centric?

Group 5

-    How to engage staff to sustain organisational change

-    What kind of KPIs to measure? How do we measure ROIs?

Group 6

-    How do we measure outcomes & impact of design?

-    How do we create design for change especially if it doesn't benefit people directly?

Group 7

-    How do we make time & allocate resources to include Design Thinking in our work

-    Top down support. How do we push initiatives?

-    For organisations that do not come in with a design background, How do we help them see & communicate benefits of design?



"Why Design is a Must-have for the Modern Public Sector?"

We cordially invite you to the Co-Design for Public Value workshop, as the partner event of the Singapore Design Week 2015.

  • Time: 19 March 2015, 9.30 am - 1 pm 
  • Venue: Auditorium, National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road, 188969

Design has been recently recognized as a potential discipline for public service development and public sector innovation. The aim of this workshop is to bring like-minded people together to form a Special Interest Group in Singapore and to share cutting-edge cases and know-hows for future envisioning. Welcome!! 




This half-day interactive workshop will bring to you inspirational speeches by four speakers across Finland, Australia and Singapore, and hands-on discussion together with public officers, professional designers and researchers, and anyone who has passion in following topics: 

  • Why is design a must-have for the modern public sector?
  • How to grow design capabilities in the public sector in Singapore? 
  • What processes, practices and tools?
  • What challenges are encountered, and how to overcome the challenges? 
  • How to implement and manage changes? 

For opening and food-for-thoughts, four speakers from design agencies and public agencies across Finland, Australia and Singapore will share their experiences, know-hows and cutting-edge cases. 


Speaker 1: Kirsikka Vaajakallio (Senior Service Designer, Diagonal Finland )

"How to develop design capabilities in the public sector? Towards sustainable implementation"

Speaker 2: Agnes Kwek (Director of Corporate Transformation, Land Transport Authority Singapore) 

"Experiences in LTA: How LTA manages to adopt design? Challenges and know-hows, perceived values and future plans" 

Speaker 3: Nina Terrey (Partner, ThinkPlace Australia

"Why design is a must-have in the public sector? Managing by design in the public sector" 

Speaker 4: Hefen Wong (Senior Assistant Director, Behavioural Insights and Design Unit, Ministry of Manpower Singapore)

"Experiences in MOM: How MOM manages to adopt design? Challenges and know-hows, perceived values and future plans" 


Who should attend?

  • Public officers interested in design capabilities in organisation, people-centred policy making and service development, and organisational transformation

  • Professional designers, design researchers and students interested in new roles of design for public value and public sector innovation 

  • Anyone who has passion in the above-mentioned topics 


Attendee's Take-away

  • Consideration points and know-hows on adopting design in the public sector
  • Ideas for future plan
  • Network with like-minded people


Who are the facilitators?

  • National University of Singapore, Division of Industrial Design, School of Design and Environment  

 Jung-Joo Lee, Assistant Professor, has worked with public agencies in Finland, UK and Singapore for applying Service Design and Co-Design for the public service development and cross-organisational collaboration. She is currently teaching Service Design in NUS. 

  • ThinkPlace Singapore 

Erin Entrekin, Executive Director, is an experienced public sector professional and design consultant. Erin has worked with public agencies in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to apply design to complex policy, administration and organisational challenges. 



For further enquiries, please contact; 

        Jung-Joo Lee

Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore, Division of Industrial Design